Myth – it’s too hard!

Learning a Language is too Hard!

This couldn’t be farther from the truth and especially when you break the language down into small manageable milestones to build up early successes and confidence. When you see how well you are doing and quickly you are coming along you will know that learning a language can be made easy! Keep the right mindset and keep moving forward.

It’s OKAY to make mistakes!

Think of how a child learns their first language, how many times does that child make a mistake? A lot. It’s a learning process and you learn from your mistakes, so don’t sweat it! Making mistakes is one of the beautiful parts of learning a language. While teaching English in Mexico to kids one student, while learning names of common animals, very boldly and excitedly exclaimed that the word for “abeja” (bee) in English was “sheep!” The class got a good laugh out of it and I corrected him. That memory stuck with him and he will forever know that “abeja” means “bee” and that “sheep” is “oveja.”

Its moments like these that remind me of my own mistakes I’ve made while learning a foreign language.

In my second year in high school Spanish, my teacher gave the class the speaking assignment to stand up in front and talk about an activity they liked doing. When it was my turn I stood up and tried to say, “I like mountain climbing without ropes!” so I said, “Me gusta escalar montañas sin ropa!” I felt proud that I nailed this line until I saw the look of confusion on my teacher’s (and classmates’) faces. I had actually declared, “I like mountain climbing naked!” So… needless to say I learned from that mistake and have never forgotten that “ropa” means “clothes” and not “rope” … false cognates will get you!

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