Myths – I’m too busy

I Don’t Have the Time to Learn a Foreign Language

We lead incredibly busy lives. However, there are 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in one week! Let’s look at where some potential time might be gained.

  1. Drive times: pop in a podcast or listen to music in your target language
  2. Shower time: podcasts and music!
  3. Breakfast time: enjoy a level appropriate book (or maybe a podcast or some music)
  4. Lunch break: great for a 5-10 minute Duolingo lesson
  5. Family dinner: find a pleasant music soundtrack to play quietly in the background
  6. T.V. / Netflix: Try watching in your target language or check out the subtitle feature
  7. Cooking time: try foreign recipies written in the original language… or it’s a podcast/music opportunity
  8. Make time: wake up 15 minutes early so you can read a book, do a lesson, listen to some jamz, etc.

Think about the time you spend on activities like these. They may last only 10 minutes to an hour but if you incorporate your new language into those activities the time will add up fast!

You don’t need a 3 hour study session, you need consistency.


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