Myth – I can never practice with real people.

Nobody Speaks “X” Language Around Me.

Good news: Technology today has eliminated this problem!

There are a number of websites and apps you can utilize in order to find speakers of the language you are learning to practice with. Some of my favorite websites and apps to use for finding language exchange partners are:

  1. italki
  2. whatsapp
  3. facebook
  4. skype
  5. interpals
  6. and more…

It’s important and wise to be careful about using the internet since you don’t actually know who you may be talking to. When I am looking for a new language partner I like to make sure they have a well made and complete profile that I can check out and determine if they are somebody legitimate and would make a good language exchange partner for me! Even when people send me requests I check them out before responding right away. It’s just something that makes me feel more safe and comfortable when striking up conversation! It usually turns out well, sometimes you will find people that don’t want to practice as much as you’d like to but the great thing is that you can have as many language partners as you’d like!

Some of my language exchange partners have even turned into good friends!

I had an English-Spanish language exchange with a girl about my age who lives in Peru while I was in college. From there we skyped for anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours once or twice a week before I had to go to Spanish class! We still keep in touch but due to busy schedules it’s not quite as much, however, we still get along great.

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