About me

Hello all,

I’m Tanner, an American ESL professional, linguist, aspiring polyglot, writer, traveler, omnivore, and b-rated sci-fi movie critic.

I write about language learning and teaching. I’ve been learning languages my whole life (7 and counting).

  1. English (native) – 25 years
  2. Spanish (sparked an obsession) 18 years
  3. Arabic (ahlan wa sahlan) 2 years
  4. German (ich bin oft bier trinken) 1 year
  5. Portuguese (ou Portuñol) 6 months-ish
  6. Czech (Chtěl bych mít další pivo prosím) 4 months/current
  7. Lithuanian (Laba diena Monstervillage) 1 month

During my Master’s studies, I blended the fields of Language Learning Strategies, Bilingualism, andLangauge Acquisition to uncover great methods for obtaining your language goals. Prior to my Master’s degree, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Middle Eastern Studies.

I hope you find what I have to share to be helpful in your learning journey, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Happy learning!

My story:

For the most part, my experiences with language acquisition and learning have developed throughout my teenage and adult years. As a child, I briefly lived in the Holland but now only remember a select few Dutch words and a milk song… not super useful.

I started Spanish in an elementary summer school after moving back to the United States. All I learned in that Spanish class were “Penguino” (Penguin) and “Tuxedo” (Tuxedo). I was in no way a language learning expert growing up. Languages have been something that I’ve had to work at and really think about in order to streamline the process.

I struggled with Spanish in middle school. However, high school changed that (#hotspanishteacherftw). ACTUALLY I changed the way I thought about learning languages. Since then I’ve studied numerous languages.

I began teaching English in college and have since taught a very diverse demographic. I’ve taught children, teens, adults, online and in-person, casual learners, refugees, university students, business professionals, and more. All of these experiences have given me some insight and experience in the ESL field.